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Included here will be entries from Guru's, GIT's, (Guru's In Training), as well as actual entries attributed to the taoGUIN, (of course translated by the taoGUIN's Prophets).

So, although it is a non-profit organization, there will be prophets.

From Lizzardfire, ET Forum

   "Although we have reached the ultimate state of enlightenment, the omniscent and omnipotent taoGUIN's power transcends that of our own. This is why we continue to learn new and wonderful things; such as the disembodiment of the lowly Windose into the holy form of the modern-day Confucious (The taoGUIN) in a matrimonial union known to us guru's and gnuru's as 'Wine', or the day of trial and tribulation, where Glanz will harness the power from our Immortal Leader ZenTux and banish Microsoft to the Lower Regions of Windose Hell. Then the corporate holdings of Microsoft, and the personal holdings of Bill Gates shall be distributed among Our Lord's faithful, as it should be. Linux will be the dominate Government, with 5 tribes: Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSe, Debian, and QNX."

Do to the Zealous contributions of Tribblehunter and Lizzardfire, a page has been dedicated to TLOOTt Haiku Poems.